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7 Gifts For A Friend

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I recently met up with an old friend while spending time in Boston for a wedding. We spent a semester studying in New Zealand together, exploring the gorgeous scenery, saying hello to all the sheep, and meeting local Kiwis. While I had not seen this gal for two years, and we've only spoken probably bi-monthly, it felt as if we had never left each other's side. It was such a good feeling! We had some honest conversations about friendships, spirituality and careers, and I just felt so comfortable with her. That, to me, is what friendship is like. A space, a relationship, where you are genuine, honest, and feel most comfortable. Where anything goes and you two understand each other.

I'm lucky to have a number of friendships like this, but it's not often that we're able to get together in person. And so, I've rounded up my favorite small gifts to send to friends, to show that you're thinking about them, that you appreciate them, and you're grateful for their friendship. Even something as small as a postcard will almost always do the trick. Take a moment to express your gratitude to those that matter most to you.



1. Courtney Pouch - $12 / Handmade by Bunglo in Austin, Texas

Courtney Pouch by Bunglo

The perfect bag to stay organized. Keep your life in order, and in style. Ideal for headphones, lipstick and whatever else is usually recklessly thrown into your bag.


2. Geo Vase - $32 / Handmade by Convivial Production in Kansas City, Missouri 

Geo Vase by Convivial Production

Designed for tabletop floral arrangements, this geometric vase looks great with a bold mix of flowers or a single statement bloom. 


3. Hera Bangle - $60 / Handmade by Izaskun Zabala in Brooklyn, New York

Hera Bangle by Izaskun Zabala

Move over, embroidered bracelet, we've got the modern friendship bracelet that's made to last. The Hera Bangle was inspired by the Greek goddess, Hera, and celebrates strength in femininity. 


4. Seaweed Clay Face Mask - $30 / Handmade by s/he studio in Sausalito, California

Seaweed Clay Face Mask by s/he studio

The best gives are those that can be shared, right? Plan a girls night in with this mask, a chilled bottle of rosé, and some Gilmore Girls reruns. Not much can top that.


5. Inverse Earrings - $50 / Handmade by ONE SIX FIVE Jewelry in Columbus, Ohio

Inverse Earrings by ONE SIX FIVE Jewelry

You are the ying to her yang. Remind her of this, with these delicate Inverse Earrings. The shiny mirror finish of a simple sheet-filled circle is a charming complement to the circular outline of its inverted counterpart.


6. Hanging Ceramic Planter - $45 / Handmade by Box Sparrow Studio in Houston, Texas

Hanging Ceramic Planter by Box Sparrow Studio

This hanging planter is the perfect decorative accent to add to any indoor or outdoor space. It's the perfect housewarming gift for your friend's new place. 


7. Slim Stacking Ring - $18 / Handmade by Favor Jewelry in Portland, Oregon

Slim Stacking Rings by Favor Jewelry

The slimmest band is hand formed, then hammered to bring out the natural glint of metal. Made to stack together, but beautiful as a solo band as well. Share the love and send a ring to each of your friends!