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DIY Spring Floral Arrangement

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’m searching for the perfect gift for my own mama. Typically I’m many states away and I’ll snail mail a handwritten letter. But this year, I’m excited to be with my mom (and sister!) in beautiful Sonoma County.

This year's gift will be a handmade bouquet of spring flowers. Typically I’ll just purchase a pre-made bouquet and call it a day. But this year I’d like to express my gratitude in the form of an artful, elegant bouquet that reminds me of my wonderful mama.

And so, this year we’ve partnered up with the talented Shadey Laguna of Cala Floral Studio, to get trusted tips and step by step instructions on how to put together a simple yet statement-making floral arrangement. 


  • Thick vase or bowl
  • Floral coated chicken wire (find at your local nursery or home depot)
  • Clear floral tape
  • Flowers: eucalyptus, ranunculus, tulips and lilacs

DIY Spring Floral Arrangement: Materials

Step 1 : Structure

Prep the bowl using a floral coated chicken wire and clear floral tape. Cut a piece of wire slightly larger than twice the size of the opening of the bowl. Fold the wire into a ball shape and wedge into the center of the bowl. To secure the wire into the bowl, tape it in an X-shape to the rim of the bowl.

DIY Spring Floral Arrangement: The Structure

Step 2 : Foliage

Create a basic shape using foliage. Here, we using eucalyptus. Try to create a shape that is asymmetrical with one side higher than the other.

DIY Spring Floral Arrangement: The Foliage

Step 3 : Focal Flowers

Add in your larger flowers. Here, we’re using lilacs. Follow the shape of the foliage (eucalyptus) you just placed and try not to dot the flowers too evenly throughout the arrangement. The goal is to emulate how the flowers grow in nature.

DIY Spring Floral Arrangement: The Focal Flowers


Step 4 : Depth and Texture

Create depth by adding layers of ranunculus and tulips. Don’t be afraid to get a little wild with stem length! This is a simple arrangement using flowers accessible to everyone, but at this point you could add different textures and whimsical gestures like grasses, branches or even berries. 

DIY Spring Floral Arrangement: Depth & Texture


A Few Tips From Shadey

In the Spring I love to use eucalyptus and lilac in my arrangements. Both have a wonderful aroma and texture. Other favorites include spirea, fritillaria and various branches - I love how imperfect their stems are, and I think it makes the arrangements feel more light and natural. And lastly, peonies and tulips always add a classic, sophisticated feel to any bouquet.

What do you think?

At first glance the arrangement looks daunting, but if you follow these simple steps I'm positive you'll be able to do this yourself! I'll be following Shadey's steps this weekend and will keep you updated via Instagram. Huge thanks to Shadey for preparing this beautiful arrangement with approachable, step by step instructions.