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Have You Heard Of OKREAL?

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While perusing the internet, I recently came across a fabulous gal named Amy Woodside.  She's a "communicator who thrives on the connections between people," essentially preaching authenticity, personal growth and female empowerment.  Uhh, can I get an amen please?  Her website, OKREAL, is a curation of inspiring content for women, with a mission to "uplift and further the development of women through stories of leadership, confidence and purpose."

OKREAL boasts notable interviews with some seriously creative, modern gals including Bonnie Wright, Laila Gohar and Cameron Russel.  These chats are authentic and inspiring, and they dig deep.  I think I've found my group on the internet, and I thought I'd pass this along to anyone interested. 

Current Favorite Reads include the article The New Work Culture featuring the founders of the clothing brand AYR and Amy's first Editor's Letter, which aptly summarizes her dreams for OKREAL.

From OKREAL's Instagram