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Morning Calm: A Natural Apothecary Shop

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Hwasoon is a certified yoga and meditation instructor, Reiki practitioner, and founder of the apothecary line, Morning Calm. She studied cosmetics and soap making in Korea before launching Morning Calm in 2010. We love how she so eloquently describes her work:
"I've dreamed of a humble life made by hand, taking care of the things around me and using them honestly. By happenstance, the skin care products I make have been like a bridge into that world. With my products, as in life, I believe what we truly need are a few simple but good things. Nourishing, calming, and beautiful."
We're excited to introduce Morning Calm to the 48 & SEA shop! Read our interview with Hwasoon below, then check out our collection of Morning Calm goods here.
Founder of Morning Calm, Hawsoon

Tell us a little about your background and how you got into creating apothecary products.

Hello. I’m Hwasoon. I’m the founder of Morning Calm and a solo worker, too. I’m from Korea and moved to the U.S. a few years ago with my hubby. I’m a meditation & yoga instructor who is interested in energy healing and self-realization and also an apothecary artisan who creates natural skin care products for sensitive people. When I mention sensitive people it means those who have sensitive hearts and sensitive skin. Starting in my teenage years, I have had very sensitive combination and acne prone skin. My body and skin seem to react a bit more intensely than others with anything or everything including food, air, emotion, and a hormonal imbalance. So, it was very difficult for me to find the right skin care products. After a long backpacking trip, I started to make my own soaps and basic skin care products and shared them with my mom who also has sensitive skin. And magically it became my work. To do the work a bit more carefully, I finished several expert courses related to natural cold process soap, aromatherapy, and natural cosmetics in Korea.

What is most important to you when you set out to create a new product?

There are questions that I ask to myself: Do I/we really need this? Is it essential in my/our life? Is it helpful and healing to my/our body and energy? Is it eco-friendly? My life is pretty simple. At least I try to keep it that way. And I believe that we don’t need that much ultimately. We just need to find something essential that helps us live beautifully.

cold pressed soaps from Morning Calm

Where do you look for inspiration?

My need, others’ needs, Nature—especially fresh air and sun light—art, and most importantly meditation.

What do you love about living and working in Cape Coral, Florida?

It took me 2 years to get used to this sub-tropical weather. And this town is so quiet. Like many other Floridian cities, there are lots of retired people. Although I may not get the trendiest information daily, but I really appreciate this quietness, clean environment, beautiful open sky, amazing sunlight, and easy going people. This bright, clean calmness help me smile more and work with ease.

Ingredients to make Morning Calm's Sulfur Spa Soap

Describe your ideal Sunday.

Getting up before sunrise, doing my yoga practice with pranayama, and meditating until sun rise. And then I do energy healing work on my energy body. After the morning ritual, I like to take care of my kitty friend, Whisper and my hubby. Sometimes, I have a little chitchat with my mom in Korea over Facetime then I go out with my hubby to enjoy a healthy brunch at a lovely local restaurant. Then walking around the small garden in a campus where he teaches, and come home. I will do a little bit of afternoon meditation to calm down. The rest will be not planed. But with a cup of warm tea, I will probably review the past week by opening my journal. And I’m sure that I will explore and create new skin care formulas that will help me and my loved ones. In the evening, I’d like to finish Sunday with prayer and meditation.

If you could do any other occupation, what would it be?

I would probably become a Buddhist nun.

Soaps and cleanses from Morning Calm

What is your favorite artist in any field, living or dead?

I love Agnes Martin as a painter. And I love Buddha and Jesus as spiritual alchemists and artists.

What is next?

I love this question. Because I usually don’t think about what comes next. I let things happen to me, not planning or intending to do so. But this time, I’d love to share my wishes. I hope to find a common denominator between spiritual growth, healing, and the physical forms of beauty care. Someday I’d love to offer special self care/beauty services with meditation, pranayama (breathing practice), gentle hatha yoga, and energy healing work to help us love ourselves deeper and feel more free & open.

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