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My Interview with Wallace & James

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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Jamie Arrigo (above), an LA-based photographer, mother and writer of the blog Wallace & James. When I first discovered Jamie's blog I binge-read many, many posts. Her writing is elegant and honest, and she dabbles in subjects like sustainable living, wellness, life with a little babe, and more. Oh, and I love her mantra, holistic but realistic. That's important. 

On her blog we chat about 48 & SEA's mission and our growing community of women designers...plus a peek into my world in Brooklyn! I'm honored to be included on her site.

Here's the lovely introduction Jamie wrote:

I believe that right now, we are experiencing a unique time where women are supporting other women and we are truly coming together for the greater good.  I feel that we are listening to one another with less judgement and more compassion, and there are more women joining forces in every capacity and especially on an entrepreneurial level.  This is part of the inspiration for Jennifer Meyer, the owner of 48 & Sea, a new chic and sustainable online shop.  Upon discovering this shop, I immediately loved the perfectly curated selection which features a stunning collection of home goods, accessories, paper goods, and apothecary products.  There is no shortage of beautiful lifestyle stores in Los Angeles but I'm grateful for the online shops that offer well-made items to people living more remotely.  Everyone should have access to hand-made ceramics bowls and perfectly carved wooden spoons, period.  I love the concept of 48 & Sea and sat down with Jennifer (electronically) and asked her a few questions about her inspiration.  After hearing about her Sunday routine, the two loaves of bread she bakes weekly and her strolls in Brooklyn, I knew we would be fast pals.

To read the full interview, click here.