When architect Julia and interior designer Sima met at a mutual friend's graduation, they had no idea they would go into business together. After discovering their shared traditions and deep connection with their Venezuelan heritage, they decided to create Moccian, a lifestyle company that brings art, design and techniques from Venezuela to the global community. Moccian has partnered with a Venezuelan women's nonprofit near their hometown, to employ indigenous women and maintain and celebrate the culture's traditional craft techniques. 

Bendita Beige Bag

Bendita Beige Bag

$ 68.00
Dulce Market BagOut of stock

Dulce Market Bag

$ 120.00
Santa Teresa Woven BagSale

Santa Teresa Woven Bag

$ 50.00
Coco Summer ClutchSale

Coco Summer Clutch

$ 70.00
Bora Woven CrossbodySale

Bora Woven Crossbody

$ 80.00
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