Salt Ceramics

Salt Ceramics

Salt Ceramics' Jess Cheatham is a ceramicist and freelance everythingist living and working in Nashville, Tennessee. Each pieceis wheel-thrown, trimmed, sanded, food-safe glazed, then fired in an electric kiln at 2200 degrees. With the focus being on simplicity and functionality, she strives to create sturdy, everyday pieces that can survive in even the most clumsy of hands. 

Coffee Cup in SandOut of stock

Coffee Cup in Sand

$ 34.00
Incense Burner

Incense Burner

$ 28.00
Match StrikerOut of stock

Match Striker

$ 26.00
Ring DishOut of stock

Ring Dish

$ 22.00
Salt Bowl with Wooden SpoonOut of stock

Salt Bowl with Wooden Spoon

$ 32.00
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