Blemish Mud

Blemish Mud

$ 16.00

MADE BY: Nash and Jones

SHIPS FROM: Nashville, Tennessee

DETAILS: The volcanic ash (Bentonite Clay) from ancient volcanic eruptions in Wyoming (the best bentonite clay around) is a powerful tool in drawing and binding impurities. The combination will treat the blemish immediately and gently, allowing your skin to repair the damaged area instead of stripping it fast with a chemical cocktail which produces scabs and scars.

  • Safe for any skin type
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil kills bacteria on your skin, helping to clear and aid in healing blemishes
  • Safflower Oil hydrates so your skin doesn't send an overproduction of oil to compensate for cleaning out the pore

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply apply the well-mixed mud onto the spot(s) needed to treat. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and wipe off.

CARE: If the clay and oil separate, use the enclosed mixing stick (or use a non-metal mixing tool) to mix well before use. The reason you need non-metal materials is so the clay will not latch onto the metal as the impurity and fill up the capacity of the clay.

INGREDIENTS: Wyoming Volcanic Ash Bentonite Clay, Cold Pressed Safflower Oil high in linoleic acid, Steam Distilled Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia).